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Black entrepreneurs dream of opening a pot shop.

by Team Marijuana News

While state officials have named the winners of 185 of the upcoming pot shop permits but a court order that’s stopped their issuance has continued to keep those supposed to benefit from legalization in an indefinite limbo state.

Britteney Kapri was able to get some positive news last month despite what seemed like endless delays.

Baked, her cannabis company was awarded the prize in a highly sought-after location that includes Chicago.

Kapri, instead of feeling joy or relief, panic set in as she considered the latest hurdle to the process of obtaining a license: A court order that is still intact had prevented her from obtaining her license and 184 others.

“I was just like, don’t let it be another year of waiting,” she said. “So I haven’t really celebrated.”

Kapri as well as other Chicago Black entrepreneurs who were granted licenses in three recent lotteries has had to deal with bureaucratic squabbles as she pursued her goal of owning a stake in the marijuana industry that is dominated by whites. It’s taken a huge toll.

After leaving her job as a volunteer in the hope of fully embracing the cannabis industry, she became unemployed in January. She only began working again in the last few days. [Read more on The Chicago Sun Times]

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