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Colorado sold $202M of marijuana in July but sales continue to slow

by Team Marijuana News

Colorado registered more than $202 million in marijuana sales in July the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR) announced on Friday.

The total represents a month-over month sales increase of 8% with the highest increase being from the recreational side. Colorado sold more than $167million in recreational marijuana, compared to $35 million of medical marijuana in July .

Overall, sales of marijuana were down more than 10% compared to July 2020. According to DOR statistics, this month was also the second consecutive month with decreases in sales of marijuana year-over-year.

Despite the decline in sales, Colorado is on pace to sell more marijuana in 2021 than ever since it was legalized in 2014. The Centennial State has already sold more marijuana this year than $1.3 billion and that means Colorado is on track to sell more marijuana in the coming year than $2.3 billion.

The marijuana sales are calculated by combining medical and retail marijuana that is sold in their respective stores, as well as any medical accessories and products that contain marijuana. These totals are reported by each of the 64 counties in Colorado separately.

Denver County accounted for more than 20% of July’s total sales, with more than $44 million in revenue. Arapahoe and Adams counties had the third and fourth highest totals with more than $16 million and $13 million in sales, respectively. There are more than $16 million in sales in Adams County. More information on The Daily Sentinel

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