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New Natoli Tablet Press & Tooling Training Scheduled

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Sharpen your skills in tablet press setup, operation, and maintenance procedures.

ST. CHARLES, MO (May 9, 2022) — For years, Natoli Engineering’s competitive advantage has been its broad array of training courses. Whereas many companies only sell tablet press tooling and machinery, Natoli offers in-house training seminars that give customers an opportunity to learn how to operate and maintain the equipment sold in the company’s large product catalogue.

On June 14-16, Natoli starts its summer training season with Tablet Press & Tooling: Applied Learning Experience at its global headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri. The two-day seminar will teach students best practices for tablet press operation and maintenance. The course, which is offered a few times each year, is fully comprehensive, and each one provides students with the latest knowledge, research, and technology in tablet compression tooling. Supervisors, QA & QC personnel, and Maintenance Technicians at any stage are encouraged to attend.

Tableting mechanics taught by seasoned instructors.

“Operators’ jobs are hands-on, so their training should be, too!”, says company President, Dale Natoli. “The heavy focus on hands-on experience and classroom instruction provides the perfect balance to show attendees how tablet presses and tooling work in theory and in practice.”

During the training, students will enhance their knowledge of setup, operation and maintenance procedures for tablet presses, and other tooling options. The goal is to empower professionals to effectively reduce downtime and increase productivity. Upon completion, students will have learned:

  • (Dis)assembly of all main components of a rotary tablet press
  • Mechanics of press failures and cam wear
  • Relationships among maintenance, inspections, operations, and troubleshooting

For those who can’t attend the session in June, two more will be offered later this summer: July 19-21, and August 9-10. To register, or for more information on tuition rates, please visit https://natoli.com/trainings/.

About the Instructors:

dougpressDoug Kirsh is the Technical Service Manager for the tablet press division at Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. With over 50 years of experience in the tablet compression industry, Mr. Kirsch has been with Natoli for over 39 years and has trained press operators and maintenance technicians worldwide. He began his career training in the U.K. with Manesty Machines and then served as a technical service representative for Manesty Tablet Presses over 10 years. For the next three years, he served as a maintenance manager for tablet compression at General Nutrition Corporation.

Bill Turner has been with Natoli Engineering for over 43 years, starting at a young age of 21. He currently is the Technical Service Manager for Tooling and Tablets. Prior to that position he was the Engineering Manager and tablet and tool designer for over 20 years as well as a Technical Customer Service Representative for 20+ years. He educates and trains and assists Natoli sales and service staff and conducts training seminars to the industry in tablet design, tool design, and troubleshooting, both in-house, and on site.

Carmelo Hernandez is the technical service manager of tablet presses for Natoli Engineering. Carmelo boasts over 25 years of experience within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. As a lead operator, process technician, and set-up mechanic, he has worked in formulation, compression, encapsulation, and coating. He is an experienced team leader who has trained industry professionals around the world and boasts an impressive portfolio of equipment expertise. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Mr. Hernandez is a vital member of the Natoli technical team, and he continues to provide unparalleled support to his customers.

Dave Perry is an assistant plant manager for Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., and has been with the company for more than 30 years. He started working at Natoli at the age of 18 serving in a variety of capacities: stock polishing, overseeing the buffing department, hob production, running various manufacturing equipment and department manager.

Rob Caruso provides software support for Natoli Engineering Company, Inc., and has been with the company since 1992. He has developed systems in a wide range of areas including Customer Service, Work Order Production, Accounting, Shipping and Tool Inspections. He currently oversees the development of the Natoli Tool Management II (TM2) inspection and tool control system including software design, installation, and customer support.

Cory Terry started with Natoli Engineering in 2017 as the leader of Tablet Press Parts and Accessories. He quickly ventured into other areas and gained a lot of knowledge and expertise with Encapsulation, Turrets, Manufacturing, and the Production Process. He works closely with the Natoli Sales teams to help customers improve their current processes and choose the right equipment for their facilities and machines – as well as the support of these critical components after installation.

Natoli Engineering is the undisputed global leader in tablet compression tooling manufacturing. The company has served the pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionery, and veterinary industries for more than 45 years. In addition to encapsulation products, Natoli also offers tablet presses, tablet press replacement parts, tooling and press refurbishing services, analytical inspection equipment, technical training courses, and the most comprehensive tablet compression accessories catalog in the industry. Natoli AIM™ R&D and Operating Control Systems Software facilitates and speeds tablet and capsule research and development and provides powerful data and reporting capabilities through production. For more information visit Natoli Engineering website at www.natoli.com.

Contact: Kevin Taylor, Marketing Manager | Phone: 636-926-8900 | Email: ktaylor@natoli.com

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