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REVIEW: The Silicone Eyce Bong is a Must-Have

REVIEW: The Silicone Eyce Bong is a Must-Have

by Team Marijuana News

“Webook reviewed the hell out of this Eyce Beaker all summer at Bong Mansion and after months of usage, we decided that this is a must-have accessory. ”

The Eyce Bong along with the higher-tee can be found at the Greater Mentality Store
Model: Meagan Amelia Pringle, Photographer: James Heaslip, Location: Bong Mansion 

First off, I’m likely to let you know that I don’t consider myself an authority in cannabis accessories, so why is it that I get to mention the Silicone Eyce Bong is Must-Have? Well, in fact, I don’t. I am just someone who loves weed. A lot. I grew up smoking bongs, gravity bongs, and”bots”, and it is a disgusting way to smoke hashish by means of a cigarette and a glass bottle.  That said, I really like cannabis accessories.

New bongs, vapes, dab rigs, you name it. That is why I was so intrigued when requested to reassess the silicone EYCE Bong or Beaker since they call it. Upon look, you know that this is not an ordinary bong. For instance, it’s made from aluminum and silicone purple. They are available in a variety of fun colours but I like my Lil’ purple man. In fact, I sing a version of Eminem and D12’s“Purple Pills”, but change the lyrics to”Purple Chills” nearly every time I load the ice room. 

Eyce Bong Review: Design

The bong itself is shaped just like some other beaker bong. It’s a glass glass jar which contributes to a long pipe which rests from the unit ’s reservoir. When you put in your weed to the bowl, then you light your weed with a milder, and you inhale through the mouthpiece on top of the beaker. You understand , a bong. The neat thing about the EYCE silicone mould is that it provides fast, big pulls and if the ice is clean, you’ll find a smooth hit each moment. 

IMG 4214

Skunk Magazine Hat: Coming Soon, Eyce Bong available now on The Higher Mentality store.

Eyce Bong Review: Personal Use

I am tough on bongs, therefore a huge advantage to the EYCE silicone bong is the fact that it’s unbreakable. Well, the beaker is unbreakable, the bowl and pipe are glass and the same as any bong. Additionally, it floats and has a stash compartment at the base of the beaker. This is a superb feature, but it takes up space in the water reservoir so be certain to change your water often. You also don’t want to leave it out in the sun for a long time. The temperature really impacts the quality of the pull. Other than those obvious and avoidable drawbacks, the EYCE bong is a must-have in any accessory collection. Since the silicone is so mailable, it’s also the perfect suggestions for excursions to the beach, cabin, or vacation since you are able to roll it up and stick it in your backpack. 

IMG 4270

IMG 0105

Bong Mansion chooses the Silicone Eyce Beaker outside for a tear.

Eyce Bong Review: Recommendation

I highly suggest that you add this to your own collection. You won’t regret it and at 69.99, it’s extremely reasonably priced and may function just fine as the principal device. Long story short, webook reviewed the hell out of this Eyce Beaker all summer at Bong Mansion and after months of usage, we decided that this is really a must-have accessory. You’ll be able to purchase it on the greater Mentality shop right here. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this review of this silicone Eyce Bong.

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The Eyce Bong is 100% Bong Mansion approved. Skunk Grindr and rilling tray that can be found on The Greater Mentality shop.

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